February 7, 2016

Pinterest 102

Pinterest.  That one word, when uttered in a group of women, will spark a conversation that can last for hours about everything from recipes, to home decorating, to that funny picture of the dog who tore up the blinds.  Men can be and are on Pinterest too, but its a site primarily used and driven by women.

If you missed Pinterest 101, Pinterest is an online bulletin board for curating images and videos on the web that you want to save.  You can create boards (think of them as categories) to organize your pins.  I like Pinterest because its all about me.  Facebook and Twitter focus on interacting with others.  Pinterest allows me to focus on me and what I like.  I don’t have a lot of disposable income and I’m always on the look out for ways to save money or stretch our money further.  With Pinterest I have more resources than I could ever go through, from people who are in the same boat I am, for recycling items for home decor and preparing meals with cheaper ingredients that still tastes good.

Before we start with Pinterest 102, I want to review a point I made in Pinterest 101.  If you haven’t already, turn off automatic posting to your Facebook Timeline.  Your friends are probably already following you on Pinterest and don’t want to see your pins duplicated on Facebook.  Log into Pinterest and click on your name in the upper right corner and select Settings.

There are two Facebook settings to manage.  The first is Link to Facebook, if this option is On you will see a checkbox for Facebook whenever you add a new pin.  Turning this setting On allows you to control which pins get posted to Facebook on a pin by pin basis.

The other option is Add Pinterest to Facebook Timeline.  This option is what you need to turn off if you don’t want your pins automatically showing up on Facebook.  I’m not sure when Pinterest added this option, but its there now so go check it.

Add a hashtag to your pins helps you, and others find related pins across different boards.  A hashtag looks like this, #StPatricksDay, and has no punctuation or special characters and no spaces.  Case doesn’t matter in hashtags but I find the longer tags are easier to read when I capitalize the first letter of each work.  You can then search for that hashtag and Pinterest will search all available boards.  For a tag like #StPatricksDay, you will see crafts, decorations, and recipes returned in the results.  You do not have to use hashtags and the only reason to use them is to make it easier for you and others to find the pin, especially if it relates to a holiday or special event.

You can also tag fellow Pinteresters in a pin.  This is similar to a Twitter mention and that person will receive a notification that they’ve been mentioned in a pin.  To add a person tag, type @ and the first few letters of that person’s name.  You should see a list of names to pick from.  There’s a lot to look at on Pinterest and tagging is a way to call attention to a particular pin.

Adding a price to a pin is a feature I frequently forget about but is so easy.  Just add the amount, with dollar sign, and the price appears on the pin in the upper left corner.  When I remember about it, I use this feature to keep track of gifts I’m thinking about purchasing for others and gifts I would like to receive.  Having the price listed in the pin saves me time since I don’t have to try to track down the price later.  If you ever need gift ideas for me, this board will get you started.

With all the pinning we do, its easy to forget or not have time to actually do all the cool stuff you found on Pinterest.  Don’t just pin, actually do it!  I’ve made a monogram out of buttons to hang in my living room, I’ve done crafts with my stepson, and most recently made these brownies which are amazing!  But be careful, the satisfaction of finishing a project is highly addictive and will result in a need to do more projects!

Why do you like Pinterest?  What are your favorite pin types?  I like recipes, quotes, home decor, and humor stuff (anything with animals talking like humans cracks me up).

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Dog Image Source: dogs.icanhascheezburger.com via Abby on Pinterest

iPad Case Source: invitel.wordpress.com via Abby on Pinterest

About the Author

Abby is a wife, mother, and IT professional. She spends her days working as a certified IBM Notes developer and her nights and weekends trying out new software and applications. Abby is passionate about creating quality user interfaces and making technology working for her.


  1. Kelly Gerhart says:

    Looking for help with Pinterest & Facebook. The app nor the pins show up on my FB wall. I have tried how you described above to link the accounts, but cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks!

    • If you’ve checked your settings and they are correct, then I would contact Pinterest support. It might be a glitch with your account.

  2. Katy Strong says:

    I’m having difficulty adding hashtags to my pins and can’t see where people have added theirs? Confused and totally new to Pinterest. Can I go back after I’ve already pinned something and add hashtags? Cheers. Katy.

    • Yes you can. Click the Edit button on your pins and you can edit the text, change the board its pinned to, and add a hashtag.

  3. I want to link
    To Facebook to find friends etc but I don’t want the new time line! I saw somewhere that it makes you switch to it? Is that true? I’m
    Currently using a random old twitter account but would rather use Facebook!

    • Sorry for not responding sooner, but I think Facebook has already moved everyone to the new Facebook Timeline. I don’t know if it forced everyone to the new Timeline or not but I would make sure you aren’t posting new pins to your Facebook wall.

  4. One thing I appreciate is when people comment on recipes they’ve actually made. A lot of people just repin without changing the text so I’m never sure if the pinner has really made the recipe unless they comment later on to confirm that it’s worth making. It’s like having your own team of testing experts…

    • I hate it when I see the same text over and over again on a pin. You can tell they’ve repinned the pin without following the link to see the source. Your tip is especially helpful too when you follow trusted experts and cooks!

  5. Hi Abby,
    I have noticed something and am utterly confused by it. One of my clients at the marketing company I work for has pins that include various hash tags, for example one is #KarinaSmirnoff. When searching for KarinaSmirnoff with and without a space I do not ever see the image that was pinned by the client. I understand that pinterest searches hashtags on available boards but when the pin results are retrieved there are only 2 pins, neither of which are the one from my client. If you could please explain this that would be great. Are results at all sorted by the amount of followers a user has on pinterest or how recent the pin is?

    Thanks so much

    • I don’t know exactly how Pinterest’s searching works, but the first place I would check is that the boards are public. Hashtags don’t have spaces, so if you type in #Karina Smirnoff you are really only searching for #Karina. Also, not many users add hashtags to their pins so you may need to search for more than just a hashtag. I would try searching by name, with space, no # sign and see if that gives you different results. Good luck!

  6. Is there anyway to keep my repins from showing up on pinterest. I seem to do all the work of finding pins and some people just follow me ad let me do all the work. I don’t want everyone just repinning me.

    • I can’t find any way to hide repins from your Pinterest feed. You could stop following those who repin your pins so they don’t show up in your feed anymore, but you would not see any new pins they add. Depending on who they are, this could be tricky if they are friends and family.

      Or you could consider that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and your Pinterest followers like your taste and style. Seeing the same pins over and over again gets old, so I try to edit who I’m following and start following new, interesting people so I have some new content to look at.

  7. Hi, I entered a contest but when I search up the # and without the #.. nothing shows up in search!!! I can’t find anything on Google that address this problem as well.

    • I’ve found searching on Pinterest to be spotty. It worked yesterday but it may not work today. Pinterest search engine also only indexes the text included with each image, so if there isn’t a good description then you won’t get good search results either. That also means you have to rely on your fellow Pinterest users to add good descriptions to their pins and hope that they use common search terms. Adding the hashtag may help, but only if others added the hashtag to their pins. You may have to try variations on your search terms or contact the people running the contest for help. Good luck!

  8. Hi,

    I’m not sure if this is possible but pinterest provides the option to connect with twitter ( sign in wth twitter) …and once you select that option to “on” on pinterest…on twitter it will show under ‘app’s that you’ve added pinterest…what i want to know is..

    when i pin a photo on Pinterest..why doesn’t it show up in photos on my twitter as a tweet?

    is there some way I can do that? or is that not possible yet? thank you for your time :)

    • Check your Settings that you have your Twitter account connected. Then, the next time you pin something check the Twitter box and hit Pin. That should save the pin and tweet the description and a link to the pin.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Hello,

    I just created a Pinterest account and linked it to Facebook but whenever I pin something I don’t see the Facebook checkbox so it gets published on my Wall too.

    Is it normal?

    • Once you connect your Facebook account to your Pinterest account, the option should appear. You might try closing your browser and reopening and if that doesn’t work, try disconnecting the Facebook account and reconnecting. If that doesn’t work, you might try contacting Pinterest support.

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